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International Relations Minor

Political Science Depaartment Trip to South Africa with Center for Direct Action and Peace

As a subfield of Political Science, International Relations is concerned with  political interactions between states, the formation and role of international institutions, and the impact of non-state actors in international politics. Also considered are the interactions of domestic and international actors, groups and institutions. The IR minor is designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of relations between states and a broader understanding of governmental systems outside of the United States. Our International Relations students have travelled the world as part of their scholarship including trips to Namibia, South Africa, and El Salvador.

Courses regularly offered include: International Relations Theory; International Security; International Political Economy; North/South Relations; African Politics; Latin American Politics.

Upper division courses not listed below may be approved by the International Relations Advisor.

Careers in International Relations (coming soon!)

Nambia/South Africa Summer '08

Border Trip Project Fall '06

Spotlight:  MSMC IR students in the field! (coming soon!)



A. Pre-requisites

POL 2 Introduction to Comparative Government


Upper division course requirements:

Students must take POL 131 (3 units), plus 15 units from sections B and/or C.  Students may apply 3 units from section D (History) towards the IR minor. 

B. Theory courses

POL 130 International Political Economy, or 
POL 142 International Conflict and Cooperation
POL 150 International Security

C. Policy Analysis/Regional Studies/Issue Areas (12 units)

POL 122 Middle East Politics 
POL 123 African Politics 
POL 124 Latin American Politics 
POL 125 US Foreign Policy 
POL 126 Politics of Former Soviet Union 
POL 128 Politics of Globalization and Interdependence 
POL 132 Political and Economic Development 
POL 135 Selected Problems in International Relations 
POL 137 Ethnic Conflict and Civil War 
POL 138 International Law 
POL 140 North/South Relations  
POL 144 Politics of Europe and European Union 
POL 145 Politics of South East Asia 
POL 146 Military in Politics 
POL 147 Women and Development 
POL 148 Refugees and International Migration 
POL 149 Comparative Foreign Policy 
POL 151 Humanitarian Intervention 
POL 154 US/Mexican Relations

D. World History

HIS 112 Economic History of Europe 
HIS113 History and Civilization of Spain 
HIS124 History of the Middle East 
HIS130 Colonial Latin America 
HIS147 Europe: The Age of Imperialism  
HIS150 Introduction to Asian History 
HIS151 History of Modern Japan 
HIS152 History of Modern China 
HIS154 History of Modern Mexico  
HIS162 History and Civilization of Latin America 
HIS178 Diplomatic History of the U.S.


Please contact the Director of the International Relations Minor, Dr. Lia Roberts, for more information.