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Advantages of a Psychology Major at MSMC:

Breadth. Our curriculum has more breadth than any other local university – we give you a foundation in the entire field of psychology, not just a subset of the field.


Depth. Students choose to specialize in areas of their choice.

Practical Experience. MSMC is the only local university to require a practicum experience (which often leads to job offers, and helps you get into graduate school.)


Faculty Committed to Teaching. You will be taught by faculty, not by teaching assistants. Our faculty are here because we love to teach and we love working with students.

Involved, Stimulating Peers. Psychology majors at the Mount are smart, compassionate, fun women who win awards for both academics and service.


Flexible Career Path. Almost (60%) of our students (more than the national average) continue on to graduate school. 

Welcome to Undergraduate Psychology!

Mount Psychology majors are smart, compassionate, fun women who win awards for both academics and service. They are very involved on campus and off. You will enjoy getting to know them and making long lasting friendships. We have both a Psychology Club in the department and a chapter of the national Psi Chi Honor Society.

What do Psychology BA students do after graduation?

Our goal is to get our students intro graduate school. However, not all of our students are interested in or able to attend graduate school. About 60% of our graduates go on to continue their education, either immediately or after some time off:

o   Approximately 2/3 of those complete terminal masters level programs

o   About 1/3 complete doctoral level programs

o   A small number complete other types of graduate work

o   Roughly half of the graduate degrees are in clinical/counseling/social

work programs

Graduate degrees for the remaining half are in a variety of other psychology programs (e.g., industrial/organizational, school psychology, forensic psychology, research psychology, business psychology) and a wide variety of programs outside of psychology (e.g., law school, student affairs, education, business management, theology, communications, film and media studies, criminal justice, literature, humanities, international relations, urban planning, music).

Many of our students who go on to graduate school work their way through school. Our students who do not continue their education are entering a career immediately. We are therefore very concerned with the jobs our graduates obtain with their BA degree. Approximately 60% of our students get BA jobs in human service areas, 24% in education, 12% in business or finance, and 4% in other areas:

o Human Services: Human Resources/Employee Relations, Case Management,   

Camp Counselor, Behavior Specialist, Disability Services Coordinator, Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Missionary

o Education: Teaching, College Admissions, College Academic Advisement, College Financial Aid

o Business/Finance: Business Management, Market Research, Property Management firms

o Other: Military, Religious Orders, Research Assistants, Human Resources, Journalism, FBI

What does the undergraduate program in psychology at the Mount offer?

Who are MSMC Psychology undergraduates, and where do they come from?

Our psychology majors come from all over the place! Although a growing number are coming directly from high school, many psychology majors switch over from other majors such as liberal arts, early childhood education, pre-health, biology, English, business administration, child development, nursing, sociology, and Spanish. So if you didn’t get started in psychology first year fall semester, don’t worry – you are in good company!

MSMC BA Psychology majors are industrious!

Message for prospective BA psychology students

The Psychology faculty believe that the most rewarding aspect of our job is the one-on-one interaction we have with students. Please feel free to email or call us if you have any questions or if you want to learn more about the program in general. Although any of us can talk about our course offerings, major and minor requirements, and other general questions about the program, if you would like to know specific information about...

We look forward to talking with you!