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Program Requirements for BA

Mission Statement

The Psychology Department at Mount St. Mary's College is teaching-oriented and student focused. Our goals for students, and our curriculum, reflect our concern that students have a broad knowledge base in psychology. This program prepares majors to develop as strong critical thinkers, researchers, exemplary communicators, informed and participatory citizens, and effective leaders. We value the ethical application of psychology in counseling settings, in the research laboratory, and as part of community service. The mission of the Psychology Department is to prepare our students to pursue advanced study, or to apply psychological knowledge in a variety of professions.

Psychology, Bachelor of Arts

Program Requirements for Psychology BA

It is recommended that psychology majors take MTH 1 or MTH 10 (GS-IIIE) in preparation for PSY 40 Basic Statistical Methods.

In addition to fulfilling general studies requirements, all psychology majors are required to take the following courses:

Foundation Courses

Methods Courses

Core Courses

Specialization Courses (15)

Total Units for Major = 47
*PSY 1 is a prerequisite to all other psychology courses.

Psychology Major Specializations

Psychology majors must select a specialization. The specialization may be changed at any time with advisor authorization.

Undergraduate Psychology Policies

Majors must earn a grade of C (2.0) or higher in Psychology courses applied toward degree requirements. Grades of C - or lower must be repeated. Courses may only be repeated one time. The higher grade will be computed in the GPA. Students must successfully complete with a grade of C or higher any prerequisites before being admitted to courses with listed prerequisites. This policy may only be waived with instructor consent. Students must also complete General Studies requirements and electives for a total of 124 semester units, including the Modern Language requirement. At least 15 upper division units must be completed in the MSMC Psychology program.