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Summer 2010 Courses

Course details and syllabi will be posted as they become available.         
Schedule subject to change.  Check back for updates.
  Last updated 8/10/2010  7:50PM
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GROUP 1      Sat. 8:00-10:00, 12:40-2:40 & 4:30-630


BUS/POL 5 Business Law I (D. Leese)

updated syllabus   attachments

BUS 176 Small Business Management (P. Milsap)


ENG 1C  Freshman English (J. Johnson)


ENG 195  Seminar: Faulkner   (M. Kidd) 

MUS 142  American Musical Theatre (T. Douglas) syllabus
first assignment

HIS115A/POL 117A History of Political Theory (A. Leighton)


RST 45/145 Contemporary Ethics of Justice   (L. Wright-Garry)

SPE 10 Intro to Communication (M. Devine)  syllabus


GROUP 2         Sat 10:10-12:00; Sun 10:10-12:00 & 3:20 - 5:20


BUS 130  Principles of Finance (J. Robinson & C. Turner)


CIS 1 Computer Processes & Applications (C. Chavez )

first assignment

ENG 143 English Lit: Beowulf to 1500 (J. Smith)


HIS 1B  Western Civilization (J. Crawford) **


MTH 10 Mathematical Ideas (J. Helston)

 revised syllabus

PHI 176   Philosophy of Literature (B. Tregenza)

 updated syllabus

PSY 167 Gender, Sex & Films  (G. Travis)

 syllabus* first assignment is due prior to weekend #1

RST 15/155A  Portraying Jesus (R. Rodman)

 REVISED syllabus


Group 3      Sat 2:50-4:10;   Sun 8:00-10:00 & 12:40-3:10


BUS 131  Managerial Accounting (D. Burkitt)  syllabus

BUS 195 International Marketing (H. Hotzy)

ENG 1A  Freshman English  (A. Drane)  

ENG 135 Classic Films as Visual Literature (L. Fossum)


MTH 38  (W1) Elements of Probability & Statistics (J. Helston)


MTH 38  (W2) Elements of Probability & Statistics (P. McDonnell)


PHI 5     Intro to Logic   (B. Tregenza)


RST 172  The Buddha & the Christ   (R. Cummings)


SOC 106  Introduction to Psychotherapy (J. Gordon)


SPA 33B Civilization & Cultures of Hispanic America (P.Otis)





BUS 177 Management Information Systems (K. Gosselin)


SOC 13 Anatomy for the Social Sciences (A. Romero)


SOC 104 The Family (S. Harte)


SOC/FLM 135  Mass Media (C. Bunce


SOC 161 Dynamics of Majority-Minority Relations (P. Haldeman) syllabus



BUS/ECO 123 Andean Adventure: Peru & Bolivia (P. Antoniou & K. Whitman)  
HIS 193A  History in Shakespeare's Plays: The Oregon Shakespeare Festival  (F. Simonelli)

INT 95/195 Music and the Arts in Italy (P. Zaferes




May 22-23


     BUS 193 W1  Personal Selling (Keith Gosselin)


     RST 190E Religion & Sex (R. Cummings)   syllabus

     SOC/FLM 199: Working in Hollywood: There Really is  

     No Business Like Show Business  (L. Dauber)



June 12-13  

     MUS 190 Enjoying Live Music in L.A: The Playboy Jazz  

     Festival*  (P. Zaferes)


June 26-27


     BUS 193 W2 Revolutionary Ideas about Leadership (D. Burkitt) 
     FLM/SOC Intro to Video Game Design (K. Thwaits)  
     POL 193AA  Culture of Fear: A Sociological & Political Examination of Fear in the United States (C. Yun syllabus
August 14-15  
     BUS 193 (W3)   Advanced Presentation Skills (P. Milsap)  syllabus
     ENG 192 Screenwriting (A. Drane)  syllabus

     FLM /SOC 199  "War of the Worlds" Yesterday, Today

     & Tomorrow (C. Bunce)

     PSY 167 (W2) Intro to Hypnotism: Theory & Workshop (B. Pomerantz)