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Fall 2012 Courses

Course details and syllabi will be posted as they become available. Schedule subject to change. Check back for updates.

Click Here for The Fall 2012 PDF Schedule

GROUP 1 Sat. 8 - 10, 12:40 - 2:40 & 4:30 - 6:30

Art 3/103 Visual Thinking (S. McDonnellsyllabus

BUS 192 Business Policy & Strategy (P. Antoniou) syllabus reading A reading B

ECO 2 Macroeconomics (J. Kellysyllabus

ENG 1C Freshman English (J. Johnson) syllabus

ENG 1C Freshman English W2 (B. Ryan-Perez) syllabus

ENG 73/173 Shakespeare (M. Kiddsyllabus

FLM /SOC 152 Digital Music for Media (K. Thwaits

LIB 101 Intro to the Liberal Arts (J. Berliner) syllabus

PHI 15 Intro to Philosophy (A. Yusimsyllabus

POL 130 Understanding Global Inequality: International Political Economy (C. Jun) syllabus

RST 49/149 Biomedical Issues in Christian Ethics (R. Sanborn)

RST 199 Senior Thesis/Project (D. Kawulok)

SOC 118 Qualitative Research Methods (V. Ochoa) syllabus


GROUP 2 Sat. 10:10 - 12; Sun. 10:10 - 12 & 3:20 - 5:20

BUS 106/POL 105 Business Law II (L. Gist) 

BUS 184 Organizational Behavior (R. Hopkinssyllabus

ENG 181 Theory & Criticism (J. Quick) syllabus

FLM 139ABC Digital Video Production  (K. Thwaits)

FRE 33A French Culture & Civilization (M. Fine)

MTH 2X Fundamentals of Algebra (A. Dixon)* syllabus

MUS 24/124B American Music: Blues, Jazz and Rock & Roll  (P. Zaferes) syllabus

PHI 167 Ethics & Film  (B. Tregenza) syllabus

RST 21   Contemporary Catholicism (D. VanDyke) syllabus

SOC 175 Urban Sociology (K. Hoegeman) syllabus  reading assignment

SPE 10 Intro to Communication (L. Fossum)**syllabus

Group 3 Sat. 2:50 - 4:10; Sun, 8 - 10 & 12:40 - 3:10

BIO 10 Health Science (L. Li) syllabus

BUS 15A Accounting Principles I (D. Burkitt) syllabus

ENG 1A Freshman English (A. Dranesyllabus

ENG 129 Ethnic Literatures of America (J. Berlinersyllabus

FLM/Soc142 Women in Hollywood (C. Paura) syllabus

HIS 1A Western Civilization (J. Crawford) syllabus

MTH 10 Mathematical Ideas (J. Helstonsyllabus

PHI 21 Moral Values & Ethical Decisions (B. Tregenzasyllabus

PSY 175 Human Sexuality (M. Levy) syllabus

RST 78/178 Death & Afterlife (R. Cummingssyllabus

SOC 1 Intro to Sociology (K. Hoegman) syllabus reading assignment

On-Line Courses

BUS 157 Human Resources Development (R. Apuan) syllabus

BUS 157 Human Resources Development W2 (R. Apuan) syllabus

BUS 186 Tax Accounting (D. Burkittsyllabus

BUS 187 Management Seminar: Concepts in Modern Leadership (D. Burkitt) syllabus

SOC 104 The Family (P. Haldeman) section 1 syllabus 

SOC 104 The Family (A. Romero) section 2 syllabus

SOC 107 Anger Management (J. Gordon

SOC 107 Anger Management W2 (J. Gordon

SOC/CRI 115 Sociology of Violence (S. Hartesyllabus

SOC 134 Mediation & Negotiation (J. Gordon)

SOC 134 Mediation & Negotiation W2 (J. Gordon)


Travel/Study Courses

No Travel Study Courses are offered this semester


September 15-16

BUS 193 W/ LIB 111 Career Transitioning and Advancement in a Down Economy (K. Terrill) syllabus

FRE 199B  The Culture of French Cuisine (C. Spikessyllabus

ENG 192  Reading Moby Dick by the Sea (J. Johnson) syllabus addendum

October 6-7 

BUS 193 (W2) Essentials of Public Relations (G. Goodstone)**  syllabus

HIS197A Muslim Religious Mysticism: the Sufis (J. Crawford) syllabus

MUS 190 Sounds of the City: Enjoying Live Music in L.A. (P. Zaferes)* syllabus

October 27-28

BUS 193 (W3) Management Mistakes & Failures (J. Roach) syllabus

FLM/SOC 199 Media & Messages: Hollywood and the News (L. Daubersyllabus

RST 190T God & Politics (J. Houston) syllabus


BUS 193 (W2) Managing Diversity (P. Antoniou)

* This is a one-unit course.  Credit does not apply to the Baccalaureate degree.
** This is a two-unit course. It does not meet from 4:30 to 6:30.
*** This is a hybrid blend of live meetings and web-based assignments. The live meetings are on Sundays only.

** this is a hybrid one-unit course; the Saturday meeting is online, and the live meeting is only on Sunday.

* See course syllabus regarding fees for admission to museums or for tickets to performances