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Fall 2013 Courses

Course details and syllabi will be posted as they become available. Schedule subject to change. Check back for updates.

Click Here for The Fall 2013 PDF Schedule

GROUP 1 Sat. 8 - 10, 12:40 - 2:40 & 4:30 - 6:30

BIO 10 Health Sciences (Z. Tehrani) syllabus

BUS 192 Business Policy & Strategy (P. Antoniou) syllabus Reading A  Reading B

ECO 2W1 Macroeconomics (J. Kelly) syllabus

ECO 2W2 Macroeconomics (I. Lovitch)

ENG 1B Freshman English (J. Johnson) syllabus

ENG 147 English Literature: 1700 to 1900 (M. Kidd) syllabus

FLM 137 Writing for film (B. Topol) syllabus

HIS 185A African-American History: From Colonial Times through the Civil War. (A. Silverman) syllabus

LIB101 Introduction to the Liberal Arts (J. Crawford) syllabus

PHI 176 Philosophy of Literature (B. Tregenza) syllabus

PSY 102 Issues of Human Development (M. Levysyllabus

RST 49/149W1 Biomedical Issues in Christian Ethics (R. Sanborn) syllabus

RST 49/149 W2 Biomedical Issues in Christian Ethics (R. Sanborn)  * Live meeting 12:40-2:40

Soc 118 Qualitative Research Methods (V. Ochoa) syllabus

GROUP 2 Sat. 10:10 - 12; Sun. 10:10 - 12 & 3:20 - 5:20

BUS 170 Real Estate  (C. Turner) syllabus

BUS 184  Organizational Behavior (R. Hopkins)  syllabus

CRI/SOC113 Community Policing (J. Gordon)

ENG 148 2oth Century English & European Literature (A. Thorne)  syllabus

FLM 101 Introduction to Film  (K. Thwaits)

MTH 2X Fundamentals of Algebra (A. Dixon) syllabus

MUS 16/116 Music Of World Cultures (P. Zaferes) syllabus

PHI 16 Philosophy through Culture  (B. Tregenzasyllabus

POL 179 California Politics (C. Jun) syllabus

RST 21 Contemporary Catholicism (D. VanDyke) syllabus

RST 190R Black Religion in America (J. Houston)  Cancelled

SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology (M. Higareda) syllabus

Group 3 Sat. 2:50 - 4:20; Sun, 8 - 10 & 12:40 - 3:10

BUS 15A Accounting Principles I (D. Burkitt) syllabus 

BUS 122W1 Management Communications  (L. Gist)

BUS 122W2 Management Communications  (R. Apuan) syllabus

ENG 1A Freshman English (A. Drane)

ENG 161 Study of the Novel (J. Solomonsyllabus

FLM/SOC 135 Mass Media & Social Justice (M. Callie)

FRE 33A  French Culture & Civilization (M. Finesyllabus

MTH 10 Mathematical Ideas  (J. Helston) syllabus

PHI 21 Moral Values & Ethical Decisions (A. Yusim) syllabus

PSY 122 Health Psychology (G. Travis) syllabus

RST 131 Jesus of Nazareth, Christ of Faith (M.  Pollock) syllabus 1st class assignment schedule of assignments

SPE 10 Introduction to Communication (L. Fossum) syllabus

On-Line Courses

Art 177  History & Criticism of Photography (S. Vinci) syllabus

BUS 137 Intermediate Accounting I (D. Burkitt)  syllabus

BUS 161 Principles of Advertising (G. Goodstone) syllabus

BUS 184  Organizational Behavior (J. Neblett) syllabus

BUS 186  Tax Accounting (D. Burkitt) syllabus

CRI/SOC 109 Forensic Studies: Criminalistics  (J. Phillipssyllabus

CRI/SOC 110 Juvenile Delinquency (M. Ensley)  syllabus

SOC 121 Human Services ethics (G. Hunt) syllabus

SOC 128 Introduction to Social Work (T. Chateau) Section 1 syllabus  Section 2 syllabus

Soc 162 Human Rights (A. Romero) syllabus 

Travel/Study Courses

INT 95/195 Music & The Arts in Spain (P. Zaferes) Travel Dates: Oct 14-25 syllabus itinerary

Breathtaking Peru Mysterious & Mystical (K. Whitman) travel Dates: Feb 28-Mar7 Information


October 5-6

BUS 193 W1 Problem-Solving & Decision-Making in Business (J. Roach) syllabus

FLM 100 Introduction to Final Cut Pro Editing (K. Thwaits)

FRE 199A The Art of France (C. Spikes) syllabus

PSY 167 Understanding Addiction (P. Brogan) syllabus

October 26-27

BUS 193 W2 Investing for your Future (J. Kelly) syllabus

ENG 192 Jane Austen & the Chick Flick in the 21st Century (A. Drane) syllabus

RST 190T Parenting as a Spiritual Journey  (J. Houston) syllabus

Soc 199 Food, Power & Politics: The Struggle between Agribusiness and Food Security & Quality (P. Haldeman) syllabus

November 23-24 

BUS 193W3 The Business of Government in Business : Making it Work for You  (N. Anderberg) syllabus

ENG 192 Mythic Structures for Story & Character in Literature & Film (A. Drane)

FLM/SOC 199 An Enduring American Icon: Marilyn Monroe (P. Haldeman)

MUS 190 Sounds of the City: Enjoying Live Music in L.A. (P. Zaferes) syllabus

BUS 193 (W2) Managing Diversity (P. Antoniou)

* See course syllabus regarding fees for admission to museums or for tickets to performances.
** This is a two-unit course. It meets only on Sundays
*** This is a hybrid blend of live meetings and web-based assignments. The live meetings are on Sundays only.

**** This is a hybrid blend of live meetings and web-based assignments. The live meetings are on Saturdays only

** this is a hybrid one-unit course; the Saturday meeting is online, and the live meeting is only on Sunday.