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Spring 2012 Courses

Textbook links and syllabi will be posted as they become available.
Schedule subject to change. Check back for updates.

GROUP 1   SAT  8:00 - 10:00   •  12:40 - 2:40   •   4:30 - 6:30

BUS 181 Global Business (J. Cheungsyllabus

BUS 185 Principles of Management (P. Antoniousyllabus

ECO 1 Microeconomics (J. Kelly) syllabus

ENG 1C Freshman English (J. Johnson) syllabus

ENG 195 Senior Seminar: William Faulker (M. Kiddsyllabus

FLM/SOC 150 History of Television (M. Massarisyllabus

HIS 146 The French Revolution & Its Aftermath ( C. Spikes) syllabus

This course is a hybrid blend of live meetings and web-based assignments.  The live meetings will take place from 12:40-2:40pm only.

LIB 110 Senior Seminar: Tolstoy's War & Peace (J. Crawfordsyllabus

MUS 6/106 Varieties of Music (P. Zaferessyllabus

PHI 170 Social & Political Philosophy (B. Tregenza) syllabus (first two weeks of class)

RST 135 Women & Christianity  (J. Houston) syllabus

SOC 117 Quantitative Research Methods (K. Hoegeman) syllabus  homework reading assignment 1 reading assignment 2

GROUP 2 SAT: 10 - 12  •  SUN: 10 - 12  •  3:20 - 5:20

BUS 160 (W1) Principles of Marketing (G. Goodstone) announcement

BUS 170 Real Estate (C. Turner) syllabus

ENG 73/173 Shakespeare (B. Ryan-Lopez) syllabus

ENG 106 Creative Writing ( A. Drane)

FLM/SOC 171 Film Noir & the City (L. Dawber) syllabus

FRE 33B French Culture & Civilization (C. Spikes & M. Fine) syllabus

MTH 28W1 Math Analysis for Business (J. Helston) syllabus

MTH 28W2 Math Analysis for Business (P. Mcdonnell) syllabus

PHI 10 Critical Thinking (G. Stern) syllabus

PHS 2 Contemporary Physical Sciences (A. Dixonsyllabus

POL 193A Race & Ethnicity in 20th Century American & Beyond (C. Jun) syllabus

RST 11/155D The Old Testament (D. VanDykesyllabus

SOC 106 Introduction Psychotherapy (J. Gordon) syllabus
This course is a hybrid blend of live meetings and web-based assignments.  The live meetings are on Sundays only.

GROUP 3 SAT: 2:50 - 4:20  •  SUN: 8 - 10  •  12:40 - 3:10

BUS 15B Accounting Principles II (D. Burkitt)

BUS 165 New Media Marketing (K. Gosselin) syllabus
This course is a hybrid blend of live meetings and web-based assignments.  The live meetings are on Sundays only.

ENG 1A Freshman English (A. Drane)

ENG 145 American Lit: Beginnings to 1914 (C. Cannariato) Syllabus

FLM 145A Animation ( K. Thwaits)

GER 188 Adaptations for Elders (J. McMurtry)

MTH 10 Mathematical Ideas (P. McDonnell) syllabus

PHI 92/192W1 Business Ethics (B. TregenzaPHI92 syllabus  PHI192 syllabus

PHI 92/192W2 Business Ethics (A. Reynolds) PHI92 syllabus   PHI192 syllabus

PSY 168 Abnormal Psychology (L. Smith) syllabus

RST 61/161 World Religions (R. Cummingssyllabus

SPA 33A Civilization & Culture of Spain (P. Thorrington)   syllabus

SPE 10 Intro to Communication (L. Fossumsyllabus
This is a 2-unit course.  It meets only on Sundays.

On-Line & Hybrid Courses

BUS 160 (W2) Principles of Marketing (G. Goodstone) ONLINE  announcement

BUS 165 New Media Marketing   (K. GosselinHYBRID   syllabus

HIS 146 The French Revolution & Its Aftermath (C. Spikes) HYBRID

RST 41/141 Intro to Christian Ethics (R. Sanborn)  ONLINE  syllabus

SOC 102W1 Sociology of Children (P. Haldeman) ONLINE syllabus  

SOC 102W2 Sociology of Children (A. Romero) ONLINE syllabus  

SOC 106 Introduction to Psychotherapy (J. Gordon) HYBRID

SOC/GER 192 Thanatology (C. Bunce) ONLINE


FEBRUARY 25-26   9:00AM -A 5:00PM

BUS 193 (W1) Situational Leadership in the Workplace (J. Roach) syllabus

LIB 10 Intro the Liberal arts (A. Drane) syllabus

RST 190T Black Religion in America: Martin & Malcom (J. Houston) syllabus

SOC 199 Sociology of Disability (J. Gordon) syllabus

March 31 - April 1

ART 192/HIS 197B The Doheny Mansion: A Living Lesson in History (M. Bonino) CANCELLED

BUS 193 (W2) Real Estate Investing in the Current Market (M. BacaSyllabus

ENG 192 The Short Stories of JD Salinger (S. Bryson) Syllabus

HIS 197A Hitler, Nazi Germany & the Holocaust (F. Simonelli

April 21 - 22

BUS 193 (W3) Understanding Financial Statements for the New Investor (D. Burkitt)

ENG 192 Playwriting (J. Johnson) Syllabus

Travel/Study Course

ECO 123/BUS 123 Explore Greece! (K. Whitman & P. Antoniou)  May 21 - 31  Costs: approx. $3795 syllabus

HIS 193B Splendors of Italy ( J. Crawford) June 9-17 Costs: approx. $3195