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Summer 2012 Courses

Course details and syllabi will be posted as they become available. Schedule subject to change. Check back for updates.

GROUP 1 Sat. 8 - 10, 12:40 - 2:40 & 4:30 - 6:30

BUS/POL 5 Business Law I (D. Leesesyllabus  attachments honesty

BUS 145 Entrepreneurship (R. Hopkins) syllabus

ENG 1C Freshman English (J. Johnson) syllabus

ENG 1C W2 Freshman English (B. Ryan-Lopez) syllabus

ENG 162 Study of Poetry (M. Kidd) syllabus

FLM 119 Music Video Production (K. Thwaits

MUS 25/125 Music Masterpieces (P. Zaferessyllabus

PSY 167 W1 Psychology of Adjustment (L. Smithsyllabus

RST 15/155B The New Testament (D. VanDykesyllabus

SPE 10 Intro to Communication (L. Fossum)**   syllabus


GROUP 2 Sat. 10:10 - 12; Sun. 10:10 - 12 & 3:20 - 5:20

ART 171 History of Art: Renaissance through Romanticism (S. Vinci) syllabus

BUS 125 E-Commerce/E-Business (G. Goodstonesyllabus

ENG 1A Freshman English (A. Dranesyllabus

ENG 164 American Drama (M. Kiddsyllabus

FLM 137A Writing for Film  (B. Topal) syllabus

HIS 150 Intro to Asian History (J. Crawford)*** syllabus

MTH 38 Elements of Probability & Statistics (J. Helston) syllabus

MTH 38 Elements of Probability & Statistics Section 2 (P. McDonnell) syllabus

PHI 178 Philosophy of Women (M. Dailysyllabus

RST 45/145 Contemporary Issues in Christian Ethics (J. Houstonsyllabus

Group 3 Sat. 2:50 - 4:10; Sun, 8 - 10 & 12:40 - 3:10

BUS 130 Principles of Finance (J. Robinson & C. Turner) syllabus

ENG 135 Classic Film as Visual Literature (L. Fossumsyllabus

ENG 148 20th Century English & European Literature (A. Thorne) syllabus

MTH 10 Mathematical Ideas (P. McDonnellsyllabus

PHI 5 Intro to Logic (B. Tregenzasyllabus

POL 125 Foreign Relations of the U.S. (C. Junsyllabus

RST 70 Faith & Human Development (J. Houstonsyllabus 

RST 175 Myth, Religion & Culture (R. Cummingssyllabus

SPA 33B Civilizations & Cultures of Hispanic America (M. Fonseca) syllabus

On-Line Courses

BUS 131 Managerial Accounting (D. Burkitt) syllabus

BUS 177 Management Information Systems (K. Gosselinsyllabus

CIS 1 Computer Processes & Applications (C. Chavez) syllabus readings

SOC 13 Anatomy for the Social Sciences (A. Romero) syllabus  Syllabus for section 2

SOC 108 Substance Abuse Counseling (J. Gordonsyllabus

SOC 108 Substance Abuse Counseling W2 (J. Gordonsyllabus

SOC 162 Human Rights (J. McMurtrysyllabus

SOC/FLM 135 Mass Media & Social Justice (C. BunceSyllabus

FLM 154 Production Management (K. Thwaits)

SOC 191 Social Movements (P. Haldemansyllabus  

Travel/Study Courses

BUS/ECO 123 Greek Odyssey (P. Antoniou & K. WhitmanTravel dates: May 21-31  Travel costs: approx. $3795 syllabus

HIS 193B - Splendors of Italy (J. Crawford)   Travel dates: June 9-17  Travel costs: approx. $3195


June 9-10

BUS 193 W1 Project Management (W. Huddlestonsyllabus

ENG 192 (W1) History of the English Language (B. Ryan-Lopezsyllabus

FLM/SOC 199 Gone with the Wind: Hollywood Goes to (Civil) War (L. Dauber) syllabus

June 16-17 

MUS 190 Enjoying Live Music in L.A* (P. Zaferessyllabus

June 30-July 1

ART 192 Watercolor Workshop* (S. McDonnell) syllabus

BUS 193 (W2) Managing Diversity (P. Antoniousyllabus

PSY 167 (W2) Gender, Sex, and Films (G. Travissyllabus

August 18-19

BUS 193 (W3) Negotiations (J. Roachsyllabus

RST 190T How Do Christian Denominations Differ?  (D. VanDykesyllabus

BUS 193 (W2) Managing Diversity (P. Antoniou)

* These courses involves a non-refundable fees for music tickets and art supplies.
** This is a two-unit course. It does not meet from 4:30 to 6:30.
*** This is a hybrid blend of live meetings and web-based assignments. The live meetings are on Sundays only.