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Summer 2013 Courses

Course details and syllabi will be posted as they become available. Schedule subject to change. Check back for updates.

Click Here for The Summer 2013 PDF Schedule

GROUP 1 Sat. 8 - 10, 12:40 - 2:40 & 4:30 - 6:30

ART 3/103 Visual Thinking (S. McDonnellsyllabus

BUS/POL 5W1 Business Law I (D. Leese) syllabus attachment honesty policy

BUS 175 Sales Management (P. Millsap) syllabus

ENG 1CW1 Freshman English (J. Johnson) syllabus

ENG 70/170 Western Literary Herritage (M. Kidd) syllabus

ENG 146 American Literature: 1914 to the Present (J. Berlinersyllabus

FLM 143ABC Post-Production Audio (K. Thwaits

HIS 50/150 Introduction to Asian History (J. Crawford) syllabus

RST 45/145 Contemporary Issues in Christian Ethics (J. Houston) syllabus

SPE 10 Introduction to Communication (L. Fossum)

GROUP 2 Sat. 10:10 - 12; Sun. 10:10 - 12 & 3:20 - 5:20

BUS 193 (W1) Intercultural Communication in International Business  (J. Roach)  syllabus

ENG 1A Freshman English (A. Dranesyllabus

ENG 144 English Literature: 1500-1700 (B. Ryan-Lopez) syllabus

MTH 38W1 Elements of Probability & Statistics (J. Helston) syllabus

MTH 38W2 Elements of Probability & Statistics (P. McDonnell) syllabus

MUS 25/125 Music Masterpieces (P. Zaferes) syllabus

PHI 174 Philosophy of Art  (B. Tregenza)  syllabus

POL 123 African Politics (C. Jun) syllabus

PSY 145 Social Psychology (L. Smith) syllabus

RST 15/155A The New Testament (D. VanDyke)  syllabus

Group 3 Sat. 2:50 - 4:10; Sun, 8 - 10 & 12:40 - 3:10

BUS 130 Principles of Finance (J. Robinson & C. Turnersyllabus schedule of assignments

CIS1 Computer Processes & Applications  (C. Chavez) syllabus

ENG 107 Writing for Publication (A. Drane) syllabus

ENG 175 Exploring World Theatre (L. Fossum

MTH 10 Mathematical Ideas (P. McDonnellsyllabus

PHI 5  Introduction to Logic (M. Dailysyllabus

PSY 167(w1) Stress Management  (V. Campbell) syllabus * 1st Sessions are ONLINE, Rest is on Campus

RST 61 World Religions (A. Strater) syllabus

RST 161 World Religions (R. Owens) syllabus

SPA 33B Civilization & Cultures of Hispanic America (M. Fonseca) syllabus

On-Line Courses

BUS 131  Managerial Accounting (D. Burkitt) syllabus

BUS 177W1 Management Information Systems (K. Gosselin)  syllabus

BUS 177W2 Management Information Systems (K. Gosselin)

BUS 187 Management Seminar (I. Lovitch) syllabus

FLM/SOC136 Disney Inc. & Mass Popular Culture (C. Buncesyllabus

Ger 184 Diversity & Aging in the Social Environment (M. Lagrimas) syllabus

SOC 107 Anger Management (J. Gordonsyllabus

SOC 112W1 Medical Sociology (V. Kelleysyllabus

SOC 112W2 Medical Sociology (V. Kelleysyllabus

SOC/CRI 127W1 Family Systems Theory & Violence (A. Romero) syllabus

SOC/CRI 127W2 Family Systems Theory & Violence (A. Romero) syllabus

SOC 161 Dynamics of Majority-Minority Relations (P. Haldeman) syllabus

Travel/Study Courses

INT 95/195 Music & The Arts in Spain (P. Zaferes) Travel Dates: Oct 14-25 syllabus itinerary

FRE 194 Ten Days in Paris (M. Fine & C. Spikes) Travel Dates: May 21-31 click for information


June 8-9

BUS 193 W2  Business Applications of the Project Lifecycle (W. Huddleston) syllabus

ENG 192(W1) Two Noble Detectives Sherlock Homes & Hercule Poirot (J. Johnson) syllabus

June 15-16 

PSY 167(W2) Understanding Loss & Grief (P. Brogan) syllabus

MUS 190 Sounds of the City: Enjoying Live Music in L.A. (P. Zaferes syllabus

June 29-30

ART 192 Creativity in Art (S. McDonnell) syllabus

BUS 193 (W3) Business Tools for Success (R. Hopkinssyllabus

SOC 199 Chicana/Latina Identity & Feminist Thought (V. Ochoa)

August 17-18

BUS 193 (W4) Technology Tools for Success (D. Burkitt) syllabus

ENG 192(W2) Seeing Shakespeare  (B. Ryan-Lopez) syllabus

RST 190T Religion, Lifeboat Ethics & Human Fulfillment  (J. Houston) syllabus


BUS 193 (W2) Managing Diversity (P. Antoniou)

* See course syllabus regarding fees for admission to museums or for tickets to performances.
** This is a two-unit course. It meets only on Sundays
*** This is a hybrid blend of live meetings and web-based assignments. The live meetings are on Sundays only.

**** This is a hybrid blend of live meetings and web-based assignments. The live meetings are on Saturdays only

** this is a hybrid one-unit course; the Saturday meeting is online, and the live meeting is only on Sunday.