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BA in Sociology - Requirements

Core Courses Required for a BA Degree in Sociology:

SOC 5 Sociological Perspectives (3)
SOC 117 Research Methods and Social Statistics (3)
SOC 166 Sociological Theory (3)
SOC 197 Applied Sociology: Internship and Practicum (3)

Plus eight additional courses in Sociology (24 units). A maximum of 12 lower division units in Sociology may be counted toward completion of the major. These units to count towards the bachelors degree cannot, however, include lower division internship units (SOC 21, SOC 22, or SOC 23).

To fulfill a BA Degree in Sociology students must complete the Sociology requirements, the general studies requirements, and the modern language requirement for a total of 124 units. A major program of study may consist of general sociology (as outlined above), or a specialization program may be selected (outlined below). Each specialization contains several interdisciplinary courses. These may be applied toward completion of the Sociology Major if the specialization is undertaken.

Total units in Sociology: 36