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FAQs for Current Students

How do I drop a class?
How do I add a class?
Who do I talk to about my financial account?
Can I take classes at  Junior College?
Can I take courses for credit/no credit?
Can I "test" out of courses if I already know the material?
Can I appeal for a tuition refund if I drop past the deadline?
Will my advisor track my academic progress?

How do I drop a class?

To a drop a class, you must complete an Add/Drop form, have the instructor sign it (if necessary) and submit it to your advisor by fax ((310) 954-4059) or in person.  Before you drop a class, you should speak to your advisor in consideration of several issues including:

  • Make sure you are dropping the class before the deadline (last day to drop);
  • If you are receiving financial aid, you must carry at least six units a semester.  If you drop below six units a semester, you may lose your aid; 
  • Check the refund schedule to see how much of a refund (if any) you are due.

How do I add a class?

Because of the nature of the weekend college format (the first weekend is equivalent to the first two and a half weeks of the semester), it is usually not recommended or even allowed for students to add a class (with the exception of one units or on-line courses when space permits) once a semester has started. 

Prior to the start of the semester, if a student wishes to add a class, he or she may do so after conferring with his or her advisor to determine that the course is appropriate for the student and that space is available in the class.  The student then completes an Add/Drop form, faxes it (310) 954-4059 or submits it by mail or in person.  Once the form has been submitted the student should contact the Business Office to arrange payment for the course.

Who do I talk to about my (financial) account?

Students who have concerns regarding a statement received from the college, or who wish to pay for tuition, or who are due a refund, should contact theBusiness Office.


I want to graduate as quickly as I can.  Can I take classes at a junior college?

While our advisors do not encourage students to take classes concurrently at another institution once they have enrolled in the Weekend College, students are allowed to take a maximum of 15 units outside MSMC with the following qualifications:

  • Students are allowed to apply a maximum of 66 units from a two-year institution to the bachelor’s degree.
  • 30 out of a students last 39 units must be completed at MSMC. (if you’re a senior, you can’t take more than 9 units outside).
  • All Upper Division Business Courses for the Business Administration major must be completed at MSMC once a student has enrolled in the program.
  • Students must submit an approved Transfer of Credit Clearance Form to their advisor.

I’m concerned about my GPA.  Can I take courses for credit/no credit (pass/fail)?

As articulated in the College catalog, students may take a maximum of six units on a credit/no credit basis as free electives only.  “Credit” is granted when students have achieved the equivalent of a C-or better in the course.  Credit/No Credit grades are not calculated into the GPA. To take a course as Credit/No Credit, a student must complete a Credit/No Credit form and submit it by the published semester deadline.


Can I “test” out of courses if I already know the material? 

 You can earn credits through the College Level Examination Program or CLEP by achieving passing scores in approved subjects. You can earn a maximum of 30 units of credit by CLEP examinations.  These units are held in escrow until you have successfully completed 30 units of coursework at Mount St. Mary’s College.  You must receive a minimum score of 50 on any examination.


How do I appeal for a tuition refund for a course I dropped due to unplanned and serious circumstances?  

Complete and submit a Financial Appeal Form to the Business Office (fax # - 310 – 954-4379) along with any supporting documents you may have. 

Will my advisor track my academic progress?

It is the individual student’s responsibility to track his or her own academic progress toward a bachelor’s degree in adherence to the College catalog.  Your advisor can help you clarify policies and procedures, advise you on selecting courses, balancing your course load, policy exceptions, and other College-related matters.  Students may use an Advising Sheet or Course Planning Form to track their own progress toward their degree.