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Weekend College

Turn your Weekend Get-Away, into a Weekend Get-Ahead!

Finally — a Degree Program For Working Adults that Works

Weekend College at MSMC

Weekend College at Mount St. Mary’s in Los Angeles is the bachelor’s degree program for working adults that fits into your schedule.

Now you can attend a balanced mix of online courses and in-person classes held on select weekends, right in downtown Los Angeles.

You’ll earn a bachelor’s degree in the major of your choice, and you’ll do it at one of the nation’s most respected small private universities — Mount St. Mary’s College.

Summer courses begin in May, so now is the time to learn more.

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The idea behind the Weekend College can be simply put: the time it usually takes for students to learn material and concepts involved in a traditional college-level course can be organized in new ways so that classes which would customarily be spread out evenly over a fifteen-week semester are concentrated into six intensive weekends. These weekends are non-consecutive and are scheduled so that there are at least two, and usually three weeks between each class weekend.  For additional information please call 213.477.2866

Now accepting applications for Summer 2014 

Attend classes only 18 weekends a year and earn one year's worth of credit!

This unique program design enables working adults to perform comfortably and successfully as students and meet their family and personal obligations at the same time. Those who take a full-time load of three courses (nine semester units) per semester attend classes all day on both Saturday and Sunday of each of the six instructional weekends. They immerse themselves in intensive classroom experiences, putting their career and family responsibilities on hold for those two days in order to assume the role of full-time college students. [see a sample schedule]

They attend small classes that allow for personalized instruction from Mount St. Mary's outstanding faculty, they are stimulated by classmates who share their own degree of enthusiasm and their own level of life and work experience, and in those two days they lay the groundwork for absorbing concepts and acquiring skills that would take them more than two weeks to learn in a traditional week-day college.

Then, during the two or three weeks before their next instructional weekend, they have the freedom to organize their own time and career and family responsibilities. In this period they accomplish their college projects and assignments in order to extend and consolidate their learning.

The Weekend College is not an accelerated program. It is instead a complete college experience, based on a traditional curriculum whose content has been refashioned to fit the needs and schedules of today's working adults. It is designed for both men and women, part-time or full-time students, and for those who bring with them transfer credits from other colleges as well as students who are just beginning their college education. Students who receive a four-year degree from the Weekend College spend comparable hours in the classroom, receive the same outstanding quality of instruction, and are certified as possessing the same skills as the graduates of Mount St. Mary's renowned weekday college.

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