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11 Weekend College Degree Programs

Weekend College offers eleven accredited bachelor's degree programs.

BA in Applied Psychology

The Applied Psychology degree provides a broad foundation in psychology with an emphasis on how we can apply psychological knowledge to real world problems. Applied psychology encompasses, though is not limited to, educations, forensic, sports, health, industrial, and organizational, school, clinical, and research psychology.

BS in Business Administration

This degree program is designed for those who wish to advance their careers in business. The courses focus on management, information systems, organizational behavior, business law, accounting, marketing and finance. Students can select a concentration in: Marketing, International Business, Management, Accounting or create their own specialization. The program is structured to incorporate workplace experience into the fabric of the classroom. All courses emphasize discussion, group projects, and written communication.
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BS in Criminology

Criminology is a swiftly expanding discipline that offers careers in areas such as crime prevention, insurance fraud, law enforcement, urban crisis and response, the juvenile justice system, research, diversion programming, corrections and many areas on homeland security. At MSMC, our comprehensive approach explores the field from a biopsychosocial perspective that focuses on the interaction between environment, individual traits, and social interaction at both the micro and macro levels. The major is excellent preparation for any career that deals with at risk populations, crime prevention, the justice system, social work, or the law.
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BA in English

The English major explores how people communicate and reflect on their existence. It gives sustained training in critical thinking, writing, creative self-expression, and the preceptive reading of literature. Because English majors get extensive experience in analyzing, solving problems, researching, organizing, studying human behavior, writing, and speaking, they have the background for careers in law, business management, journalism, public relations, teaching, public administration, and many areas of writing.
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BA in English and Business Administration

This joint major combines the liberal arts emphasis of the English major with the professional preparation of the business administration major.
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BA in Film and Media

Focuses on a strong liberal arts, social justice, and social science foundation, along with the technical and professional skills necessary to prepare adult students for careers in the film, television, and digital media industries. Students receive assistance with creating a career plan, filmography, resume, finding internships, and graduate opportunities. They may choose an area of emphasis (production, social justice, or marketing), or may opt for a general film degree with no emphasis.

BA in Gerontology

This degree program explores the biopsychosocial dimensions of human life development, with a focus on the rapidly expanding aging population of the U.S. Gerontology is interdisciplinary with courses drawn from gerontology, sociology, biology, philosophy, and religious studies. Career options include case management and care management, social work, and non profit or for profit management. The major also provides preparation for graduate studies in social work, public policy, law, and research.
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BA in Liberal Arts

The liberal arts major encourages the study of human beings and societies from the multiple perspectives of the humanities and the social sciences. Students can explore and combine insights into human art and activity that are revealed by psychology, literature, art, history, philosophy, religious studies, music, sociology, economics, and anthropology. The liberal arts major provides a solid background for graduate work in law, public administration, and most fields in the humanities and social sciences. Students who want a professional specialization should combine the major with a minor like business administration or psychology.
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BA in Religious Studies

This major is designed to provide an academic foundation for a career related to religious studies or to ministry in mainstream Christian churches. It can also lead to further graduate study in theology or religion.
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BA in Sociology

This major studies human behavior within a multitude of contexts, from the family, the community, and the workplace to the regional, national, and global arenas. It helps students prepare for professional careers in such areas as criminology, race/ ethnic relations, law enforcement, and community relations, as well as providing a solid foundation for graduate studies in social work, counseling, public policy, urban development, or law school.
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BS in Social Work

The courses in this major challenge students to understand what it means to advocate for some of the nation's neediest residents. Taking a biopsychosocial approach to understanding human behavior, you will learn about human anatomy, human psychology, families, couples, juvenile crime, health and illness, caregiving for elders, death and dying. You will also acquire strong practical skills in case management, qualitative and quantitative research methods, statistical analysis, identifying and dealing with ethical problems, and actually working with clients in real life settings. The program is preparation for either an immediate professional career or for graduate studies in social work. The demand for social workers is high and is projected to continue to grow in the future, particularly in healthcare, gerontology, substance abuse rehabilitation, adoption services, foster care, juvenile justice, grief counseling, job training, and emergency or disaster relief.
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