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Weekend College Travel Study Opportunities

Peru Several times a year, the Weekend College offers exciting travel/study opportunities to students and their families. Students in the Weekend College have earned college credit by traveling to such bracing locales as Asia, Europe, The British Isles, Russia, South America, the Caribbean, the American south, and Hawaii. These travel/study courses allow students to immerse themselves in the cultures and histories of their destinations while being guided by our dynamic and knowledgeable faculty.


Current trips

Spring 2014

Breathtaking Peru Mysterious & Mystical

Feb 28th-Mar 7th 2014

Visit Lima for a chance to taste its colonial and cosmopolitan sites and its unique and renowned Peruvian cuisine. Next, fly to Cuzco and continue to the Sacred Valley, a magical land where Indian markets and Incan constructions mix with corn fields, the Andes Mountains and picturesque villages. Journey to Machu Picchu, to marvel at one of the Wonders of the Modern World. The trip finishes with a stay in Cuzco City to discover Incan and colonial sites while enjoying lots of shopping. See the brochure at For more information contact


Past trips

Spring 2013

Kingdoms of Wonder

June 7th-16th 2013

The Kingdom of Thailand is often called the “Land of Smiles”. It is a country full of pleasant contradictions and its modern charms are intermingled with its captivating history. Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and rightly so because it has something for everyone. It is rich with fascinating culture, architecture, spectacular temples and exquisite cuisine. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha sits within the grounds of the Bangkok Grand Palace, surrounded by walls more than a mile long. Inside, it contains some of the finest examples of Buddhist sculpture, architecture, painting, and decorative craft in Thailand.

The Kingdom of Cambodia boasts some of the most spectacular sights on the planet. Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, dating from the 12th century AD, is considered the largest religious structure in the world. Originally a Hindu temple, it is a currently a Buddhist shrine. The temples of Angkor represent the epitome of the high classical style of Khmer architecture. Its rainforests offer an opportunity to see how manmade structures can be reclaimed by nature. Riding an elephant gives you a feeling of living in another time. With a tragic recent history, this country is finally beginning to move on the path of political and economic development. Click for brochure

Spring 2012

Greek Odyssey: In the footsteps of History
May 21 - 31 2012

GreeceDiscover the beauties of Ancient Athens, while experiencing the vibrant local culture of the modern city. Explore the history, rugged landscapes, rich culture and turquoise beaches of the Peloponnese. The Peloponnesus region is known for vast olive groves, Byzantine churches, Venetian castles and stone hilltop villages. It is the home of the original Olympics and the world finest ancient theatre. It is a place to see the old and the new quietly coexisting while enjoying a glass of local wine and gorgeous fresh fish and produce. Get swept away in the magnificent views and colorful sunsets of the Ionian islands.  The trip is open to students, alums, family and friends. Brochure


Spring 2011

Treasures of Turkey
May 16 - 26, 2011

TurkeyPoised at the crossroads between East and West, TURKEY is graced with a stunning coastline, picturesque villages, and a unique cultural legacy shaped by the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. The 11 day trip begins in Istanbul, visits the otherworldly moonscape of Cappadocia, gives you a chance to swim in the thermal pools of Pamukkle and walk among the ruins of Aphrodisias. The last three days are spent on the Turkey's Turquoise Coast in Bodrum. The trip is from May 16th to May 26, 2011 and is open to students, alums, family and friends. For information about an upcoming information session contact. Brochure